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Sarasota Golf Guide

Key Takeaway:

  • Sarasota offers a diverse range of golf courses to suit every golfer’s needs. From upscale clubs like University Park Country Club and Ritz-Carlton Members Club to affordable courses like Bobby Jones Golf Course, the city caters to every budget.
  • In addition to golfing, Sarasota also hosts various golfing events throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity to watch professionals in action and even participate in fun activities.
  • While Sarasota is a great spot for golf enthusiasts, visitors can also engage in other activities like exploring the barrier islands, enjoying the beach, and shopping. Overall, Sarasota has something for everyone, making it an ideal vacation destination.

Sarasota Golf Scene

Sarasota’s golf scene is a haven for any avid golfer, whether local or tourist. The variety of golf courses in Sarasota is astounding, from challenging courses to elegant greens for both competitive and recreational play. In this section, we will provide an introduction to Sarasota’s Golf Scene and share some of the best golf courses in the area that are worth checking out.

Introduction to Sarasota’s Golf Scene

Sarasota, in Florida, is known worldwide as a golf destination. Its courses cater to both amateurs and professionals. It’s diverse and inclusive, with many amenities. Its courses are renowned for their beauty and affordability.

The Bobby Jones Golf Course is perfect for all golfers. It offers an 18-hole championship layout. The University Park Country Club has 27 holes across three nine-hole courses.

The Longboat Key Club is on Florida’s Gulf Coast, with views of Sarasota Bay. The Ritz-Carlton Members Club is a local favorite. It features a course surrounded by wetlands and five sets of tees suitable for all skill levels. Plus, members can explore the private museum with guided tours of 5,000 years of history.

When golfers need a break, they can explore Sarasota. It’s a must-visit for any golf enthusiast.

Golf Courses in Sarasota

Sarasota, “Crown Jewel” of southwest Florida, boasts a great golf scene. Amateurs and pros alike can find amazing courses here. University Park Country Club, designed by Ron Garl, offers 27 holes of championship golf surrounded by lush nature. Bobby Jones Golf Course, named after a golf legend, has two 18-hole courses, with diverse layouts and challenges for players of all levels. At the Longboat Key Club, you can find 45 championship holes, designed by Willard Byrd and Harbottle III, with views of Sarasota Bay. The Ritz-Carlton Members Club presents a pristine golf experience on a Tom Fazio-designed course, and even hosts PGA Tour events. Serenoa Golf Club and Img Academy Golf Club provide more affordable options.

Each golf course in Sarasota is different. But, they offer the same: world-class amenities and unforgettable experiences. Tournaments and other events are held throughout the year. Traditional tournaments, charity events with professional players, and more.

Golfers should explore the local attractions too. The barrier islands, culinary delights, and more. Difficult to pick one course, but rewarding when you do. University Park Country Club is your best bet. Book a tee time and enjoy the best of Sarasota’s golf courses.

University Park Country Club

University Park Country Club is an elite private golf club in Sarasota. It’s known for its outstanding amenities, like a state-of-the-art fitness center, six Har-Tru tennis courts, and a fancy clubhouse with various dining options. Plus, it has a championship course designed by Ron Garl, which is rare for the area.

The golf pros at University Park are highly respected for their experience and knowledge. They provide individual lessons for all skill levels. Members get priority tee times and access to the Golf Concierge program, which helps book green fees at other clubs nationwide.

Also, don’t forget that the dress code at University Park is strictly enforced. Collared shirts and proper footwear are required to keep the ambiance of the club.

Bobby Jones Golf Course

The Bobby Jones Golf Course in Sarasota is an amazing spot for golfers! With 45 holes to choose from – three nine-hole courses – you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s named after Robert Tyre Jones Jr., more commonly known as Bobby Jones. He was a co-founder of Augusta National Golf Club and one of the most famous golfers of all time.

But the Bobby Jones Golf Course isn’t only famous for its history. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced golfers too! Practice facilities include chipping greens, putting greens, and a driving range with targets. Or, take your family or friends for a fun experience. The course has family-friendly tees and golf carts that can fit up to four players.

It’s a must-visit for all golfers – no matter your skill level!

Longboat Key Club

The Longboat Key Club is a must for golfers in Sarasota. It features two of Arnold Palmer’s premier courses: Harbourside and Islandside. Islandside’s par-71 layout is tough, with narrow fairways needing precise shots. Harbourside has a special experience, running through mangroves and the waters of Sarasota Bay.

Five sets of tees per hole make it ideal for any level. Electric carts with GPS let players focus on the game and the views. Plus, practice facilities like putting greens, chipping areas, and sand traps let you perfect your game.

Don’t miss this opportunity during your stay in Sarasota. It’s a luxurious Ritz-Carlton experience at an affordable price. And the beauty of the course will leave lasting memories!

Ritz-Carlton Members Club

The Ritz-Carlton Members Club in Sarasota is the go-to spot for golfers looking for luxury and exclusivity. This prominent club offers its members unbeatable golf experiences, making it a highly sought-after destination.

The Ritz-Carlton Members Club provides luxurious facilities. Their 18-hole championship course is well-known for its impressive design. Players of all levels will be tested by its topography. Plus, it blends with the natural environment, giving gorgeous views all through the game.

In addition to its world-class golf amenities, the Ritz-Carlton Members Club also has top-notch features such as tennis courts, spa services, fitness centers, and upscale restaurants. With such a great variety of leisure activities, it’s no surprise that the club is one of the best places for luxury leisure activities in Sarasota. Enjoy the highest level of luxury and exclusivity at the Ritz-Carlton Members Club.

Other Affordable Golf Courses

Golf fanatics looking for budget-friendly options will love Sarasota. Bobby Jones Golf Course is popular for pros and amateurs alike, with 18 tough greens. Rolling Green Golf Club offers gorgeous views and reasonable prices. Serenoa Golf Club gives 18-hole championship course with spectacular scenery. Plus, the Highland Course at Meadows Country Club features rolling hills and wide fairways – a must-see!

Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club is fun and challenging, and has events all year. Experienced golfers can try Tatum Ridge Golf Links and not leave beginners behind.

These courses offer great value for money. You can find lesser-known places like Lakes Sarasota National, British Open Pub Executive Course, and Twin Lakes Park Executive Course. They may be small, but their service and facilities are top-notch! If you’re looking for more affordable golf courses in Sarasota, you won’t be disappointed.

Golfing Events in Sarasota

Sarasota is a golfer’s paradise. It attracts golfing fans from all around the world. Many courses, clubs, and resorts make it the ideal spot for golf lovers.

There are world-class golfing events held yearly. The PGA Tour Champions is a popular event with the best senior golfers competing. There’s also the Donald Ross Classic held at Sara Bay Country Club. It’s for top-level amateurs and pros. Plus, the Women’s Open Championship is here too.

Amateur golfers can enjoy tournaments and events. Golf academies and training centers offer personalized coaching and programs to help improve skills.

Sarasota Golf and Other Activities

Sarasota, Florida is an awesome place to vacation! It’s perfect for those who enjoy golf and other recreational activities. There are loads of attractions and activities to try. The Sarasota Golf Guide has all the info on golf courses and more, so it’s easy to plan your holiday.

Golfers will find plenty to do in Sarasota. Famous courses include The Ritz Carlton Golf Club and The Meadows Country Club. Plus there’s the Sarasota Opera, Ringling Museum, and Sarasota Classic Car Museum. You can also enjoy white-sand beaches, art centers, and theaters.

Outdoor adventurers won’t be disappointed either. Myakka River State Park is close by and great for hiking, kayaking, and wildlife viewing. Or try zip-lining with Sarasota’s TreeUmph! There’s an array of obstacles and tree patios and lots of fun.

Sarasota Barrier Islands

The Sarasota Barrier Islands are off the coast of Florida. They’re popular with tourists, thanks to amazing beaches, wildlife, and luxury resorts. The islands also provide a refuge for birds, turtles, and marine life. Activities include fishing, boating, kayaking, and sightseeing. Siesta Key is the highest peak, and it’s renowned for its white sand and clear turquoise waters. Plus, the islands boast a plethora of cultural and historical attractions.

Accommodation options are plentiful, from high-end resorts to boutique hotels and top-notch restaurants. Each island has its own unique character, making it a great destination for those seeking a personalised experience. The Calusa people once lived here and were renowned for their seafaring skills. Access is via bridges, and the islands are well-connected to the mainland.

Recommendations and Reviews

Sarasota Golf Guide presents a comprehensive guide to the greatest golf spots in Sarasota. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, it has something for everyone. It reveals details about the best golf courses in the region, like facilities, amenities and challenges.

The guide also recommends places to stay and eat in Sarasota, so your golfing holiday is sure to be alluring and unforgettable. With its aid, you can arrange the ideal golfing trip to Sarasota and take pleasure in the amazing sights and top-notch golf amenities it offers.


Five Facts About Sarasota Golf Guide:

  • ✅ Sarasota County area has golf courses for all levels of players including hidden gems of golf tracks. (Source: Visit Sarasota)
  • ✅ Boca Royale Golf & Country Club is a semi-private club with recently renovated holes and native wildlife. (Source: Visit Sarasota)
  • ✅ The area has pristine streams, fresh cut fairways, sparkling lakes, sugar-white sand bunkers, and natural wildlife. (Source: Visit Sarasota)
  • ✅ The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota offers a private Ritz-Carlton Members Club with a Tom Fazio-designed course and top-notch facilities. (Source: Florida Golfer)
  • ✅ Punta Gorda, located just south of Sarasota, has been rated by Golf Digest as #3 in the county for golf and quality of life. (Source: Florida Golfer)

FAQs about Sarasota Golf Guide

What is the location of Sarasota Golf Guide?

The location of Sarasota Golf Guide is in the Sarasota, Florida Gulf Coast area.

How many golf courses are included in the Sarasota Golf Guide?

There are 98 golf courses included in the Sarasota Golf Guide with reviews totaling 39,695.

What are some activities to do besides golf in the Sarasota area?

Some activities to do besides golf in the Sarasota area include watching Baltimore Orioles for a Spring Training game at Ed Smith Stadium in February, visiting Central Sarasota Farmers Market for fresh fruits and vegetables, vendors, and live music, and exploring the pristine beaches.

Are there any PGA tournaments in the Sarasota area?

The LECOM Suncoast Classic is a PGA tournament held in February at Lakewood National Golf Club in Lakewood Ranch.

What are some golf courses recommended in the Sarasota area?

Some recommended golf courses in the Sarasota area include University Park Country Club, Rosedale Golf & River Club, Stoneybrook Golf Club, Legacy Golf Club, and Boca Royale Golf & Country Club.

What is the distance between Sarasota and Tampa?

Sarasota is located 55 miles south of Tampa on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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