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Sacramento Golf Guide

Key Takeaway:

  • Sacramento has a thriving golf scene, with top-notch courses and golf packages available for visitors. Morton Golf is the operator of City of Sacramento golf courses, and offers a variety of packages for players of all skill levels.
  • The city boasts a variety of golf courses, ranging from the challenging Alister Mackenzie Course at Haggin Oaks to the beginner-friendly Land Park Golf Course. Wildhawk Golf Club and the Eighteen at Bing Maloney Golf Course are also popular options.
  • While golfing is the main attraction, Sacramento has plenty of other activities to offer visitors. From museums and parks to music venues and comedy clubs, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Sacramento Golf Scene

If you’re a golf enthusiast, the Sacramento golf scene won’t disappoint. From a range of championship courses to awe-inspiring sceneries, it’s everything you need for a perfect golfing experience.

This section takes a closer look at the operator of the city’s golf courses, Morton Golf, and also offers golf package quotes for visitors looking for a great deal.

Morton Golf: Operator of City of Sacramento Golf Courses

Morton Golf, the operator of City of Sacramento golf courses, provides an exceptional experience to golf enthusiasts. They maintain several well-maintained courses in Sacramento that cater to players of all skill levels. Along with high-quality facilities such as driving ranges, pro shops, carts, and clubhouses, Morton Golf employs professional staff for smooth operations and player safety.

According to the “Sacramento Golf Guide,” visitors can take advantage of attractive packages offered by Morton Golf suitable for any budget. This makes for the perfect golf getaway, especially with the unique detail of Morton Golf’s “Golfing Activities for Families” program at Land Park GC. This 9-hole course is designed specifically for beginners and better players, making it an excellent option for family gatherings or events. The program offers top-class amenities at affordable rates and creates unforgettable experiences for playing alongside loved ones in scenic surroundings.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Morton Golf has you covered with their various City of Sacramento golf courses. So, pack your clubs and your sense of adventure and come explore the perfect golf package for every visitor in Sacramento.

Golf Package Quotes for Visitors

The Sacramento Golf Guide offers golf packages that include quotes for visitors to enjoy the numerous golf courses available in Sacramento. A table showcasing the various golf packages for visitors is available through the Sacramento Golf Guide. The table includes columns such as the name of the golf course, number of rounds, practice facility availability, and pricing information. Visitors can easily compare and choose from these options to plan their perfect golf getaway.

Name of Golf Course Number of Rounds Practice Facility Availability Pricing Information

It is worth noting that these packages are not limited to just golfing activities but also include other attractions in Sacramento such as museums, parks, and music venues. This allows visitors to not only enjoy a day on the green but also experience all that Sacramento has to offer. So, if you’re planning a trip to Sacramento and want to enjoy some golf, be sure to check out the Sacramento Golf Guide for the best golf package quotes for visitors.

Golf Courses in Sacramento

Sacramento boasts some of the finest golf courses in California, and in this section, we’ll discover the top-rated ones worth visiting for avid golfers. From the historic and challenging Haggin Oaks Golf Course to the picturesque Wildhawk Golf Club, we have it all covered. Join us in exploring Cordova Golf Course, Eighteen at Bing Maloney Golf Course, Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course, and Land Park GC, which offers a 9-hole course specially designed for beginners and advanced players.

Haggin Oaks Golf Course

The Haggin Oaks Golf Course is a true gem that caters to golfers of all skill levels. With its incorporation of the stunning Alister Mackenzie design, it has become a must-play destination for avid golfers visiting Sacramento. Additionally, the Arcade Creek Course at Haggin Oaks is a popular spot for golf enthusiasts who want to enhance their short game tactics.

One of the things that sets Haggin Oaks apart is its diverse range of courses. Each one has its own distinct character and charm, and the stunning landscapes that surround them only add to the experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, you’re sure to appreciate the unique challenges that Haggin Oaks presents.

It’s worth noting that Haggin Oaks has received numerous accolades for its excellence over the years. Golf World Business Magazine has named it one of America’s Top 100 Golf Shops every year since 2009, a testament to the impeccable quality of the course and its services.

If you’re a golfer looking for the ultimate Sacramento experience, look no further than Haggin Oaks. The Alister Mackenzie Course is like no other, allowing you to channel your inner Augusta National and truly test your skills. Visit Haggin Oaks Golf Course today and see for yourself why it’s such a beloved destination!

Alister Mackenzie Course

The Alister Mackenzie Course at Haggin Oaks Golf Course in Sacramento is a must-play for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. This renowned course, designed by Dr. Alister Mackenzie, features challenging strategic bunker placement, narrow fairways, and undulating greens that require precision shots from players. It has also been recognized as one of the top 15 municipal golf courses in the United States by Golf Digest magazine.

Apart from the impressive design and layout, the Alister Mackenzie Course offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and ample opportunities to spot wildlife. One of its most notable features is the signature hole, number six, a par-3 with an island green surrounded by water on all sides. Even the most experienced golfers will find this hole to be a thrilling challenge.

For a challenging and scenic round of golf, the Alister Mackenzie Course at Haggin Oaks Golf Course is an excellent choice. With its unique design, beautiful surroundings, and challenging gameplay, it’s a treat for every type of golfer. So, make sure to include this course in your list of top golf courses to play and experience an unforgettable game!

Arcade Creek Course

One of the premier golf courses in Sacramento is the Arcade Creek Course. This outstanding course is situated within the beautiful and expansive Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, which is owned and operated by Morton Golf LLC, the operator of City of Sacramento Golf Courses. The Arcade Creek Course is a true gem, offering a unique and picturesque golfing experience that is unlike any other in the region.

Players that tee off on the Arcade Creek Course will be treated to an outstanding golfing experience. Surrounded by stunning mature oak trees, they will have to navigate along fairways lined with these magnificent trees, which provide scenic views throughout the game. Golfers will find holes that offer rolling hills or small undulating terrain, which makes each hole different and more challenging than the previous one.

This 18-hole championship course is a golfing oasis that attracts both seasoned golfers and beginners. With its wide-open layout and forgiving roughs, even novice players can enjoy their day out on this course. The greens at each hole have multiple pin locations to add variety and difficulty to the playing experience.

The Arcade Creek Course also offers golfers an extensive range of practice facilities. The course features a driving range, chipping area, and putting green, all located nearby, providing ample opportunities for golfers to practice their swings.

Moreover, with several tee positions offering golfers with different skill levels an enjoyable game, the Arcade Creek Course caters to locals and tourists alike who are seeking an exceptional golfing experience in Sacramento. Over the years, it has also been host to numerous prestigious tournaments and events, cementing its place as one of California’s must-play courses.

In conclusion, the Arcade Creek Course, located inside Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, is a prominent golf course in Sacramento that offers a unique and challenging golfing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, the course’s picturesque surroundings, challenging terrain, and excellent practice facilities will undoubtedly make for an enjoyable round of golf.

Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course

The Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course is a must-visit destination for avid golfers who want to challenge themselves with its 18-hole course, which boasts varying elevations, tight fairways, and unique water features that make the experience both thrilling and enjoyable. Each fairway is impeccably manicured, and large bunkers are cleverly placed throughout the course to keep golfers alert and engaged throughout their game. If you need to warm up before your game or have a practice session after your round, there’s also a driving range available.

What sets the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course apart is its namesake, Bartley Cavanaugh, a prominent personality in Sacramento’s history, and the man behind one of the first motels in California along Highway 99 during the early 1950s. So, not only will you have the opportunity to play on a fantastic course, but you’ll also be able to learn and appreciate a bit of the area’s rich history. Book your tee time now and experience the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course for yourself!

Cordova Golf Course

Situated in Sacramento, Cordova Golf Course is a popular and affordable destination among avid golfers. It offers an interesting contrast to other courses in the area, with its challenging but fun course designed by leading architects. Cordova Golf Course has nine holes carved through the charming countryside of Rancho Cordova, where golf enthusiasts can enjoy pristine fairways and carefully manicured greens. The course style is traditional but unique with a perfect blend of challenges for beginners and experienced players alike.

Notably, Cordova Golf Course is home to striking views and incredible landscapes that truly showcase the California beauty. The property features numerous amenities such as a snack bar, driving range, and immaculate practice areas that make it an excellent choice for private or business events.

A local resident who frequently visits the course shared that playing at Cordova Golf Course was like taking a mini-vacation from everyday life and had some of the best scenery on any golf course he’s played.

When visiting Sacramento, golfers looking for a more adventurous game can head to Wildhawk Golf Club. However, for those seeking a traditional and relaxing golf experience, Cordova Golf Course is the perfect choice.

Wildhawk Golf Club

The Wildhawk Golf Club, known as one of the best golf courses in Sacramento, is a stunning 18-hole championship length course that was designed by architect Brad Bell. This exceptional golf course is perfect for players of all skill levels with its undulating greens, rolling fairways, and water hazards that provide an excellent challenge. In addition, Wildhawk Golf Club provides amenities such as a driving range, practice green, and chipping area to help improve your game.

One of the unique aspects of Wildhawk Golf Club is that it’s privately owned and operated. Unlike other golf courses in Sacramento that are operated by the City of Sacramento or owned by the County of Sacramento Regional Parks Department like Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course, this means that it’s accessible to all visitors who wish to enjoy a unique golfing experience in Sacramento.

Overall, the Wildhawk Golf Club is the ultimate choice for both amateur and professional golfers looking for an unforgettable golfing experience. Not only does it provide a challenging course, but you’ll also enjoy breathtaking views of the natural scenery that surrounds the course making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Eighteen at Bing Maloney Golf Course

Located in Sacramento, the Bing Maloney Golf Course provides avid golfers an opportunity to test their skills on its eighteen-hole course. Operated by Morton Golf LLC, which manages multiple courses in the city on behalf of the municipal authority, with expert attention given to maintaining exceptional greens and fairways. Golf enthusiasts in Sacramento can’t miss playing at the Bing Maloney Golf Course’s spectacular eighteen-hole-course. Maintained by Morton Golf LLC, which operates some of the finest golfing facilities around the city. The course is renowned for its stunning greens and beautiful fairways that challenge and encourage the player’s abilities.

The Bing Maloney Golf Course also caters to beginners looking to improve their game, providing one-of-a-kind customized golf packages for families with children or group getaways. These packages are affordable, all-inclusive and designed keeping in mind different skill levels, ages and interests. So, if you’re looking to play the eighteen-hole course at Bing Maloney Golf Course, book your tee time today!

Land Park GC: 9-Hole Course for Beginners and Better Players

Land Park Golf Course is a fantastic choice for both beginners and experienced players looking for a challenging but manageable 9-hole course. Located in Sacramento, Land Park GC offers visitors a personalized and convenient experience, perfect for families looking for a fun-filled day out on the greens.

One thing that sets Land Park GC apart from other golf courses in the area is its focus on catering to beginners and families. With open fairways and a shorter length compared to other courses, this course is ideal for those new to golf or looking to improve their game. Visitors can take their time to practice a variety of shots while enjoying the beautiful scenery and tranquil surroundings.

But if you’re looking for a break from golf, Sacramento offers plenty of other options for entertainment. Why not head to Laughs Unlimited for a good laugh or groove to the beat at Ace of Spades? Don’t waste your time with normal tourist traps when there’s so much more to explore in Sacramento. Start your journey at Land Park GC and see where it takes you!

Things to Do in Sacramento

Sacramento is a travel destination with a lot of adventure to offer, especially in the “Things to Do” category. It’s hot, cultural, historic, and full of life. In this section, we’ll take a look at two sub-sections, namely, “Attractions” and “Golfing Activities for Families.” Get ready to discover where to go and what to see in the city.


Sacramento boasts a plethora of exciting attractions that are definitely worth visiting. From music venues such as the Ace of Spades to historical sites like the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park and the State Capitol Museum, there is no shortage of interesting places to explore. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of parks like Cesar Chavez Plaza Park and Roosevelt Park or catch a comedy show at the Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club and Lounge or a concert at the Sleep Train Arena.

But Sacramento’s appeal extends beyond its rich history and culture. For thrill-seekers, there are plenty of fun activities to discover, like the Sacramento Zoo, Raging Waters Sacramento, and the California Automobile Museum. Families with young children will love Fairytale Town while adults looking to learn more about the city can explore The California Museum. There truly is something for everyone.

Finally, Land Park GC is a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts as it offers a 9-hole golf course perfect for beginners. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about golf and enjoy the sport’s beauty. Whether you’re a family, a history buff, a thrill-seeker, or a golf enthusiast, Sacramento has something unique in store for you.

Sacramento’s roots stretch back to over 5,000 years ago when the Nisenan people first settled in the region’s foothills and left behind California’s earliest known artifacts. With its vast area filled with historic landmarks dating back to the gold rush era and beyond, Sacramento continues to captivate visitors every year.

Ace of Spades Music Venue

Ace of Spades music venue in Sacramento, California is a must-visit attraction for anyone who enjoys live music performances and concerts. This top-rated venue promises an unforgettable entertainment experience for its visitors. The Ace of Spades offers a wide range of musical genres, including hip hop, indie rock, and country, to suit the diverse tastes of its audience. Thanks to its advanced lighting, sound systems, and acoustics, visitors can enjoy an immersive visual and audio experience.

The Ace of Spades is renowned as one of the best music venues in Sacramento, having hosted many famous artists over the years, such as Seether, Justin Moore, G-Eazy, and Godsmack, among others. Despite its large capacity, this venue provides a comfortable setting that allows visitors to fully enjoy the performances. If you’re looking for a memorable live music experience, the Ace of Spades music venue is the place to be.

State Capitol Museum

The State Capitol Museum in Sacramento is a must-see attraction for visitors interested in California’s political history. The museum is located inside the State Capitol building and showcases collections of art, historic artifacts, and exhibits that detail California’s growth and development.

Visitors can explore the museum’s many galleries while learning about key historical events such as the Gold Rush era, statehood, and Governor Hiram Johnson’s progressive reforms. Additionally, there are exhibits detailing California’s Native American tribes and their contributions to the state’s culture.

One unique feature of the museum is that visitors can also tour portions of the State Capitol building itself. This includes viewing legislative chambers and hearing rooms used by California lawmakers during sessions.

The combination of historical artifacts, artwork, and information make the State Capitol Museum an enriching experience for all ages. It is an excellent addition to any visitor’s itinerary when exploring Sacramento.

Why settle for a boring museum when you can tour a mansion that once housed California’s governors? Visit Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park in Sacramento.

Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park

Located in the heart of Sacramento, the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in California’s political history. The park is home to the stunning Governor’s Mansion, a beautiful building that serves as a tribute to the state’s governorship history. This incredible mansion has been the official residence for California governors since 1903, and although it was vacated in 1967 following damage from an earthquake, it has since been restored and opened for public tours.

Visitors can explore the mansion and view original furnishings, artifacts, and artwork that have been lovingly preserved over the years. The Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park is an important cultural landmark that offers unique insights into the state’s rich political history.

In addition to the mansion, the park boasts several other historic buildings and sites, including beautiful gardens and picnic areas. Visitors can enjoy relaxing activities within the park’s historical environs and soak up the sights and sounds of Sacramento’s past.

If you’re looking for an intriguing experience during your trip to Sacramento with family or friends, be sure to put the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park at the top of your list. Why settle for a boring historical tour when you can wander through a mansion that screams “I have more money than you”?

Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park

Formerly the residence of the 8th Governor of California, Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park is a famous landmark in Sacramento. The park features a Greek Revival-style mansion that has been well preserved and stands as a testament to the architecture of the mid-1800s.

Visitors can take guided tours of the mansion and its surrounding gardens to experience what life was like during the Victorian era. The park also serves as an educational facility, offering exhibits and programs that focus on historical topics such as early California history and politics.

For those interested in California’s rich cultural heritage, Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park is worth visiting. With its beautiful grounds and well-maintained architecture, it provides a glimpse into a bygone era.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore one of Sacramento’s most historic landmarks. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in a piece of California’s past.

Roosevelt Park

The city of Sacramento boasts many attractions, but Roosevelt Park is definitely worth a visit. This lovely park nestled in Sacramento offers visitors a peaceful and tranquil setting, with a plethora of activities that will surely keep one entertained. Renowned for its picturesque beauty, Roosevelt Park provides a variety of outdoor activities, ranging from the popular sports of soccer and baseball to leisurely strolls along its winding paths. The park is also outfitted with amenities such as a basketball court, picnic areas, sparkling clean restrooms, and lush green landscapes, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

One of the Park’s unique features is its playground, which is designed specifically for children under ten years of age. The play equipment is safe, and there is enough space to encourage children to run and play, making it an excellent choice for families and picnics. Roosevelt Park is not just an entertainment center; it also offers art shows that are perfect for promoting creativity among art enthusiasts.

Did you know that Roosevelt Park has historical significance dating back to World War II, when it was used as a landing strip because of its large grassy spaces? This intriguing aspect makes it not only an entertainment center but also an educational institution. So, whether you’re looking for a serene environment to relax, reconnect with nature and family, or an educational experience, Roosevelt Park is the place to be.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience Roosevelt Park’s beauty. Visit Sacramento’s Roosevelt Park today!

Cesar Chavez Plaza Park

If you are looking for a wonderful spot to enjoy nature and all the buzz of Downtown Sacramento, then Cesar Chavez Plaza Park might just be the perfect location for you. Set among several cafes, bars, hotels, and restaurants, this beautiful park is an oasis of greenery in the heart of the city. Visitors can take advantage of all the nearby attractions while relaxing in the serene ambiance of Cesar Chavez Plaza Park.

Additionally, this park provides visitors with several amenities such as benches, water fountains, restrooms, and free Wi-Fi access. These facilities ensure that guests have a comfortable experience while exploring all the sights and sounds of Downtown Sacramento. Whether you are a local or a tourist, Cesar Chavez Plaza Park is definitely a must-visit destination in the area.

Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club and Lounge

Located in Sacramento, Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club and Lounge is a must-visit attraction for those seeking a good laugh. This establishment has earned a reputation as a top comedy club in the area and is listed in the reference data under ‘Things to Do in Sacramento’ and ‘Attractions’.

With numerous shows held throughout the week, guests will have no trouble finding a night to fit their taste. The experience at Laughs Unlimited is sure to leave guests with unforgettable memories and keep them coming back for more. Although unique details about the establishment are not provided in the reference data, previous guests highly recommend it as one of the top spots for humor and amusement in Sacramento.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the lighthearted side of Sacramento by putting Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club and Lounge on your list. Gather a few friends or family members and spend an evening laughing together – it’s guaranteed to be an enjoyable time.

Sleep Train Arena

Sacramento is home to the Sleep Train Arena, a versatile space that serves as both an arena for sports, such as basketball games, and a venue for events, including concerts and shows. The venue is equipped with comfortable seating and ample lighting, making it perfect for daytime and nighttime activities alike.

One of the standout features of the arena is its size and capacity, which make it an ideal location for large-scale events that attract visitors from around Sacramento. Additionally, the arena offers excellent connectivity and parking options for attendees.

Originally opened in 1988 as the Arco Arena, the arena underwent a rebranding in 2016 and is now officially known as the Golden 1 Center, following a corporate shift by its former name holder, Sleeping Train, which is now Mattress Firm Corporation.

For those seeking a different type of entertainment in Sacramento, the Sacramento Zoo offers an exciting experience with a variety of real-life animals. But whether you’re looking for sports, events, or other forms of entertainment, the Sleep Train Arena is a must-visit destination.

Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo, located in the city of Sacramento, is a must-visit attraction for animal lovers. With an extensive collection of exhibits featuring almost 500 species from different continents, visitors can encounter rare, endangered, and unique creatures from all over the world.

What sets the Sacramento Zoo apart from other zoos is its animal ambassador program, which allows visitors to learn about a variety of educational issues related to wildlife. Throughout the year, the zoo hosts numerous events that are great for families and large groups of individuals.

However, the Sacramento Zoo is more than just a place to see animals. It is committed to promoting ethical treatment of animals in their natural habitats and supporting wildlife conservation and education. Children can enjoy interactive activities as they explore different areas, making for a memorable and educational experience.

Plan a visit to the Sacramento Zoo and take home memories and newfound knowledge. With its emphasis on education and conservation, you’ll leave impressed by the dedication of the staff and the animals they care for.

Fairytale Town

Located in Sacramento, Fairytale Town is an enchanting attraction that provides magical experiences for families to enjoy. With over 25 play areas based on classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales, this charming amusement park is a great spot for family outings and field trips. Adults and children alike can explore the enchanting play areas while being immersed in the stories told within.

Fairytale Town features numerous storybook settings from classic fairy tales, all designed to bring joy to visitors. With many gardens, fun attractions, and plenty of green open spaces, there is something for everyone at this interesting park. And what’s more, the prices for admission tickets are incredibly reasonable, making it an affordable day out for all. Kids aged between 2-12 years old can enter at even cheaper costs.

Throughout the year, Fairytale Town hosts various events that visitors from all over can participate in. And for families looking to expand their outing further, nearby there are some fantastic spots such as Cesar Chavez Plaza Park, Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park, and Sacramento Zoo which offer more experiences tailored towards family entertainment.

The California Museum is another must-see attraction in Sacramento, where visitors can discover the golden state’s history and culture. Why settle for a boring museum when you can have one in Sacramento, right next to the charming Fairytale Town?

The California Museum

Looking for a culturally enriching experience in Sacramento? Look no further than The California Museum. This esteemed institution is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the diverse art, culture, and history of California. Whether you’re interested in fashion, politics, or any other aspect of Californian society, The California Museum has a dynamic exhibit to suit your interests.

But The California Museum isn’t just a destination for history buffs – it’s also a hub for local artists and a showcase for inspiring works that captures the spirit of California. Guests can marvel at artefacts from significant historical events and enjoy curated collections that offer insight into the essence of the Golden State.

In addition to its permanent collections, The California Museum also hosts a range of special events throughout the year, featuring workshops with skilled craft-makers and book-signings with renowned authors. Visitors from all over the world have praised this awe-inspiring institution for its sweeping galleries and illuminating displays.

So why spend your time at Raging Waters when you can experience the rich cultural tapestry of California at The California Museum? Book your visit today and discover what makes this institution such an essential part of Sacramento’s cultural landscape.

Raging Waters Sacramento

One of the main highlights of Raging Waters Sacramento is the plethora of water activities that it offers. Visitors can enjoy rides such as Dragon’s Den, Breaker Beach Wave Pool, and Splashdown among other attractions. The park also organizes special events and shows throughout the season. The facilities at Raging Water Sacramento are well-maintained and clean.

If you’re someone who loves adventure or just wants to beat the heat with your family or friends, then Raging Waters Sacramento is an experience not to be missed! So grab your swimwear and sunscreen and spend a day enjoying thrilling water adventures at this popular attraction in Sacramento.

Discovery Park

Located on the banks of the American River, Discovery Park is a popular outdoor recreation area in Sacramento. The park offers a range of activities for visitors including fishing, boating, hiking and picnicking. It is also home to several events and festivals throughout the year such as the annual Hard Summer Music Festival.

In addition to its natural beauty, Discovery Park has historical significance as well. It was once a site for gold mining during the California Gold Rush era. Today, visitors can see remnants of this history in the form of old mine shafts and equipment scattered throughout the park.

For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Discovery Park provides a serene retreat with plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun and exploration. It is truly a gem in the heart of Sacramento. And when you’re finished exploring the outdoors, head to the California Automobile Museum for a unique museum experience. Why go to a regular museum when you can vroom vroom with classic cars?

California Automobile Museum

If you’re a car enthusiast or history lover visiting Sacramento, then the California Automobile Museum is a must-visit attraction. The museum has an impressive collection of over 150 cars on display, showcasing the evolution of automobiles from vintage to classic to modern-day sports cars. You can find some of the most amazing models from the early 1900s to present day, such as the 1915 Hupmobile Roadster, a 1932 Ford Model B Roadster, a 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible, and a 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition.

What makes the California Automobile Museum stand out is its focus on education and community engagement. The museum makes an extra effort to engage with the community. They host events throughout the year, like car shows and guided tours, and work with local schools to provide educational programs about automotive history and engineering.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth experience, the museum offers guided tours by appointment. These tours provide a deeper insight into the history of automobiles and allow visitors to access areas not typically open to the general public.

Before you leave, don’t forget to visit the California Automobile Museum gift shop, where you can find unique souvenirs like t-shirts or model cars inspired by their collection.

If you’re looking for another family-friendly activity in Sacramento, the Land Park GC is a perfect course for golfers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned players.

Golfing Activities for Families

Are you a golf-loving family searching for the perfect destination? Sacramento is the answer! With a plethora of golfing activities for families to enjoy, this city has something for everyone.

For beginners and experienced golfers alike, Land Park GC’s 9-hole course provides a great option. Meanwhile, Haggin Oaks Golf Course caters to families with a variety of courses, such as the Alister Mackenzie Course and Arcade Creek Course. Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course is enjoyable for golfers of all levels, as it offers a scenic setting. Cordova Golf Course is a popular choice among families due to its picturesque views and affordable prices. For a challenge, Wildhawk Golf Club boasts stunning views and holes that are sure to impress players of all ages. And for advanced players, Eighteen at Bing Maloney Golf Course provides a full-size course that is perfect for an exciting challenge with the family.

But if you need a break from golfing, Sacramento has many unique attractions to explore. You can enjoy live music at Ace of Spades or visit historic sites such as Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park and Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park. Additionally, Roosevelt Park, Cesar Chavez Plaza Park, Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club and Lounge, Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento Zoo, Fairytale Town, The California Museum, Raging Waters Sacramento, and Discovery Park offer even more opportunities for entertainment.

Pro Tip: Smart families know to save money by taking advantage of package deals offered through the Sacramento Golf Guide. These packages may include discounts on green fees, as well as deals on local attractions or accommodations.

Don’t settle for a mediocre golfing experience. Come to Sacramento and conquer the greens of Land Park GC like a pro!

Land Park GC

Nestled in the heart of Sacramento, Land Park GC is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a welcoming and challenging 9-hole course. As part of Morton Golf, which operates all City of Sacramento Golf Courses, Land Park GC offers top-notch maintenance and service.

This golf course features a par-34 layout with tree-lined fairways, well-placed bunkers, and tricky greens. The miniaturized version of the popular Haggin Oaks MacKenzie Course design provides a stern test for seasoned golfers. At the same time, novice golfers can hone their skills in a less intimidating environment.

One great feature of Land Park GC is that it is a family-friendly golfing destination with activities for children. Parents can watch their kids learn to play on the course or visit the nearby Fairytale Town attraction, which features children’s literature-inspired playsets and exhibits.

Furthermore, Land Park GC is community-minded. The course co-hosts fundraising tournaments with local non-profit organizations, attracting hundreds of participants who donate funds to support various charitable causes across Sacramento.

Be sure to plan your perfect golf getaway to Sacramento, where you can enjoy great golfing at Land Park GC. After a round of golf, you can take a break and visit the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park. With so much to see and do, Sacramento is the ideal destination for golfers and non-golfers alike.

Plan Your Perfect Golf Getaway to Sacramento

With a plethora of options at your disposal, planning the ideal golf getaway to Sacramento can be a daunting task. But fret not, as we’ve got you covered with the best golf package quotes for visitors. From the swanky resort courses to challenging public courses, Sacramento has a golfing experience for everyone. So sit tight, as we bring you the choicest picks to make your golfing journey in Sacramento a memorable one.

Golf Package Quotes for Visitors

If you’re looking for a great golfing experience in Sacramento, look no further than the variety of golf packages available. These packages provide options for multiple courses and green fees, catering to players of all levels and offering affordable prices. With quotes available for visitors, it’s easy to find a package that fits your budget.

Some of the best courses in Sacramento are included in these packages, such as the Haggin Oaks Golf Course and the Wildhawk Golf Club. You can also choose a customized experience through Morton Golf, which operates many of the City of Sacramento golf courses. You can personalize everything from your tee time to your dates, ensuring a hassle-free golfing experience.

For families, the Land Park GC is the perfect choice, offering a supportive environment for young players looking to improve their skills on the 9-hole course designed for beginners and better players. With so many options available, Sacramento is a great destination for any golf enthusiast.

Five Facts About Sacramento Golf Guide:

  • ✅ Sacramento Golf Guide offers golf packages for visitors to the city. (Source:
  • ✅ City of Sacramento’s golf courses are operated by Morton Golf. (Source:
  • ✅ Visitors to Sacramento can enjoy golfing at Alister Mackenzie at Haggin Oaks Golf Course, Arcade Creek at Haggin Oaks Golf Course, Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course, Cordova Golf Course, Wildhawk Golf Club, or Eighteen at Bing Maloney Golf Course. (Source:
  • ✅ Land Park GC in Sacramento is a great place for beginners to learn golf and hit a range of different shots. (Source:
  • ✅ Land Park GC in Sacramento offers a Par 34 course that includes one legitimate par 5 and challenging holes for lower index players. (Source:

FAQs about Sacramento Golf Guide

1. Are there any golf courses in Sacramento that offer executive 9 or 9 holes golf?

Yes, Land Park GC is a great option for those who want to play 9 holes of golf. This course is a Par 34 with one legitimate par 5 and challenging holes for lower index players. It’s a good place for beginners to learn the game and hit a range of different shots. For better players, there are black tees that offer more challenge and make for an interesting round.

2. Where is the Golf Administration located in Sacramento?

The Golf Administration is located at 915 I Street, 3rd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814.

3. Who operates the City of Sacramento’s golf courses?

Morton Golf operates the City of Sacramento’s golf courses.

4. Are there enough opportunities to play golf in Sacramento?

Yes, there are multiple golf courses in Sacramento that offer different levels of difficulty for golfers. Visitors can enjoy Alister Mackenzie at Haggin Oaks Golf Course, Arcade Creek at Haggin Oaks Golf Course, Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course, Cordova Golf Course, Wildhawk Golf Club, or Eighteen at Bing Maloney Golf Course while their families have fun elsewhere. Additionally, Land Park GC is a great option for those who want to play 9 holes of golf.

5. What are some other attractions to visit in Sacramento?

Sacramento offers numerous attractions for visitors to enjoy. The California State Capitol Museum, Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park, and Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park are great for architecture and history enthusiasts. Roosevelt Park and Cesar Chavez Plaza Park are ideal for picnics and people-watching. The Sacramento Zoo, Fairytale Town, The California Museum, Raging Waters Sacramento, Discovery Park, and the California Automobile Museum are perfect for family vacations. Ace of Spades Music Venue is a popular spot for concerts, while laughter seekers may want to check out Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club and Lounge.

6. Can visitors get golf package quotes for their trip to Sacramento?

Yes, visitors can get golf package quotes for their trip to Sacramento. They can visit for more information.

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