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Napa Valley Golf Guide

Key Takeaway:

  • There are several golf clubs and resorts in Napa Valley for enthusiasts to enjoy, offering unique designs and landscapes that are sure to delight players of all skill levels.
  • The Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville features spectacular scenery and is home to PGA and Senior PGA Pro Bob Boldt’s lessons, while the Silverado Resort and Spa offers access to two exclusive golf courses for resort guests and members.
  • Safety protocols have been put in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable golfing experience in Napa Valley, and players should be mindful of grass conditions and club selection when playing on the area’s diverse courses.

Golf in Napa Valley – An Overview

Golfing in Napa Valley is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines scenic landscapes, lush vineyards, and top-notch courses. In this section, we’ll explore the delight that golf enthusiasts experience when playing a round in Napa Valley.

The Delight of Golf Enthusiasts in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is a prime destination for golf enthusiasts, offering a delightful experience amidst stunning landscapes and unique course designs. Private and public courses, training programs, and tournaments provide various options for players of all skill levels. World-class resorts and clubs, equipped with luxurious accommodations and pro shops, offer exceptional golfing experiences. PGA Pro Bob Boldt is among the experienced professionals providing instruction. Each course in the region boasts its unique landscape and design, promising an unforgettable golfing experience.

Visitors to Napa Valley can enjoy more than world-famous wineries; they can also savor farm-fresh dishes using locally sourced ingredients at the region’s many restaurants. For those planning a golfing trip to Napa Valley, researching preferred tee times, grass conditions, and the correct club selection based on specific course designs is crucial. With everything optimally planned, golf enthusiasts can indulge in the ultimate golfing experience in Napa Valley.

Napa Valley Golfing Scene

Discover the essence of golfing amid a backdrop of the picturesque vineyards and scenic mountain ranges in Napa Valley. This section captures the best of the Napa Valley Golfing Scene, showcasing:

  • The top Golf Clubs and Resorts
  • Popular Tournaments
  • Training Options
  • An array of Golf Courses in Yountville, Calistoga, and American Canyon

Golf Clubs and Resorts in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is a golfer’s paradise, with its breathtaking scenery and well-kept courses – making for a truly unique golfing experience. The golf scene in this region is highly active, providing various options for those passionate about the sport, as well as visitors.

When it comes to luxurious golfing experiences, exquisite resorts like Silverado Resort & Spa and The Ranch at Silverado offer a range of options that reflect their elegance. Many golf enthusiasts flock to Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville – a highly visited spot with a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, coupled with excellent pro shop facilities.

For the best public golf courses in the region, one can visit the famed Eagle Vines Vineyards & Golf Club, the Chardonnay Golf Club, or the Napa Valley Country Club, among others. In addition to these options, private venues such as Calistoga Ranch Resort offer an exclusive experience, not limited to just great golf.

Napa Valley’s golf clubs and resorts cater to all skill levels, complete with designs that complement the natural environment while providing challenging gameplay.

For a complete Napa Valley experience, golfers can also complement rounds of golf with visits to wine tasting rooms or enjoy farm-to-table cuisine at local restaurants. The region’s outstanding wines are the perfect excuse to indulge after a great golfing day out. Furthermore, golf tournaments in Napa Valley provide an opportunity for friendly competition and indulging in the region’s globally acclaimed wine.

Tournaments and Training Options

Golf enthusiasts in Napa Valley have a multitude of tournaments and training options to choose from, ensuring a fulfilling experience. Among the offerings are unique ‘Pro-Am’ tournaments, allowing amateurs to play alongside seasoned professionals. Additionally, expert PGA and Senior PGA instructors like Bob Boldt offer training camps and lessons for golfers looking to improve their skills. End-of-season championships with generous prizes are also available, as well as biannual competitions open to all members hosted by local clubs.

For those seeking to advance their golfing career, Napa Valley offers significant opportunities. Playing on championship courses with breathtaking views, golfers can qualify for national tournaments such as the U.S. Open, earning points toward advancing rankings. Structured training programs are also available, organized by top-ranked instructors at various clubs throughout the valley.

One standout event that should not be missed is playing at the Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville. A hidden gem in Napa’s golfing scene, it offers excellent facilities such as a fully stocked pro shop, chipping greens, putting greens, and a driving range equipped with cutting-edge ball tracking technology and simulators. With elite golfer Bob Boldt leading its lesson program, visitors can improve their game while also taking in spectacular views of Napa’s rolling hills.

So, if the wine isn’t hitting the spot, hitting a few balls at the picturesque golf courses in Yountville, Calistoga, and American Canyon may just do the trick. With numerous tournaments and training options at your disposal, Napa Valley is the perfect destination for avid golfers.

Golf Courses in Yountville, Calistoga, and American Canyon

Golf enthusiasts in search of exceptional golf courses in Yountville, Calistoga, and American Canyon are spoilt for choice. Napa’s picturesque town of Yountville boasts not one, but two 18-hole championship courses – Vintner’s Golf Club and The Vintage Golf Club. Meanwhile, the North Bay region is renowned for its natural beauty, where golfers can enjoy breathtaking vistas at public courses like Eagle Vines in American Canyon or the Chardonnay Golf Club in Napa. Calistoga, with its hot mineral springs and therapeutic mud baths, has attracted several resorts that include golf in their activities.

Several other venues in the area offer varied designs suitable for players of all levels, ensuring a pleasurable round of golf every time. The stunning landscapes of lush green fairways surrounded by majestic palm trees or the rolling hills of vineyards add to the overall golfing experience. Whether you prefer private or public courses, Napa Valley has a range of options to meet your golfing needs. So, if you’re a golf enthusiast seeking to enjoy the ultimate golfing experience, head to Yountville, Calistoga, or American Canyon and indulge in the best golf courses around.

Public and Private Golf Courses in Napa Valley

With so many options available, choosing the perfect golf course in Napa Valley can be daunting. In this section, we’ll make it easier by exploring the best public and private courses. We’ll also discuss the process of reserving tee times, provide unique insights into some of the courses’ designs and landscapes, and offer tips for getting the most out of your golfing experience in Napa Valley.

Reserving Tee Times and Checking Specific Information

Golf enthusiasts visiting Napa Valley can easily reserve tee times and access specific information regarding the courses. They have various options to choose from in terms of public and private golf clubs and resorts. To help plan their golf outings better, visitors can use a table providing information on each golf course’s phone number, website, address, and greens fee. It is essential to check for availability before heading out, so some courses might require advanced bookings. Additionally, certain golf courses may have dress codes that players should adhere to.

Moreover, visitors should note that some golf clubs and resorts might offer training sessions or tournaments that may require prior registration. To avoid disappointment, it would be wise to check their websites or call in advance. Visitors must not miss reserving tee times in advance to secure their preferred time slot at their favorite course. With the high demand for some locations and the opportunity to play golf with spectacular scenery surrounding them, reserving tee times and checking specific information ahead of time will help ensure the best possible experience during your stay in Napa Valley.

Why settle for plain old greens when you can putt your way through stunning landscapes and unique designs at Napa Valley golf courses?

Unique Designs and Landscapes of Golf Courses in Napa

Golf enthusiasts in Napa Valley can experience truly exceptional golf courses that showcase stunning landscapes, perfectly blending the passion for golf with scenic beauty. The rolling hills, vineyards, and majestic oak trees create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable golfing experience.

The exclusive terrain and natural marvels of Napa Valley have been ingeniously integrated into various golf courses. The design incorporates the challenges presented by the topography of the land, providing a distinctive and unforgettable playing experience. The courses feature impressive water bodies, bunkers with beautiful white sand, doglegs, blind shots, elevation changes, and incredibly fast greens. The beautifully manicured fairways add to the overall allure of the course.

Napa Valley’s golf courses add a unique element to the sport that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For example, some courses feature multilevel tee boxes built on cliffs that overlook valleys and streams, providing players awe-inspiring views during the game. Additionally, one other course showcases multiple linked lakes over twelve furnished holes, creating a truly unforgettable golf experience.

The extraordinary designs of these courses go beyond just aesthetics, as they significantly impact gameplay. Golfers navigate through narrow passages while avoiding environmental elements in an intricate balancing act that adds a thrilling element to the game.

The “Napa Valley Golf Guide” reveals that many golf courses in Napa are located close to highly-rated vineyards and restaurants that offer unique farm-to-table cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients.

An interesting tidbit is that some courses instruct golfers to choose a club based on the soil type since different regions with different soils produce different types of grasses!

Unique designs and landscapes of golf courses in Napa create a memorable and unparalleled golfing experience that golf enthusiasts and aficionados cannot pass up.

Tips for Playing Golf in Napa Valley

Are you a golf enthusiast planning a visit to Napa Valley? If so, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to make your golf outing a memorable experience. Firstly, it is advisable to reserve tee times and check specific information beforehand to ensure a smooth game. Additionally, understanding the unique designs and landscapes of golf courses in Napa will help you choose the appropriate clubs for your game.

When playing golf in Napa Valley, it is recommended to opt for tee times in the early hours of the day or the late afternoon when temperatures are comfortable. You should also be aware of the grass conditions and select your clubs accordingly for better play. Public and private golf courses in Napa offer different challenges, so it is essential to understand the nature of each course to enhance your gameplay experience.

If you are a first-timer navigating through these golf courses may seem overwhelming. Therefore, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with mandatory safety protocols, such as keeping a distance from wildlife typically found close-by some fairways that may cause disruptions in playtime. By following these tips, you can ensure an enjoyable round of golf while exploring scenic locations across various courses in Napa Valley.

Set your alarms early for preferred tee times because getting a birdie is worth losing some sleep. Plan your golfing trip in Napa with these tips for playing golf in Napa Valley.

Preferred Tee Times

Golfing enthusiasts in Napa Valley looking to book their round of golf should take note of the best time frames or preferred tee times to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Preferred tee times for most courses in the area are early in the morning before 10 am and later in the afternoon after 4 pm. It’s recommended to book tee times online, as many courses have limited spots available, and golfers should arrive at least 30 minutes before their reserved tee time to avoid any delays.

During peak seasons, booking tee times well ahead of time is essential, as local clubs can get extremely busy. Golfers must also confirm their exact tee time before arriving at the course to avoid any unexpected delays on the course. It’s worth noting that individual courses may have different preferred tee times based on their location and level of popularity, so checking with each particular club on its website or through reliable third-party booking sites is recommended.

Golfing enthusiasts should also keep an eye out for any promotions or special deals offered by Napa Valley golf clubs. These types of offers often come with exclusive access to preferred tee times for non-members at discounted prices. Some courses even offer Twilight Rates, where golfers can play during optimal playing hours right before sunset at significantly reduced prices compared to traditional rates.

At Silverado Resort and Spa, senior citizens 62 years or older receive discounts on all green fees, with regular green fee rates starting from $50 per round and going up based on the day of week and season you’re playing. Proper grass conditions and club selection can make or break a game, so golfers should choose wisely and watch their swing.

(source: napa

Grass Conditions and Club Selection

Golfers exploring Napa Valley’s golf courses must pay close attention to the area’s grass conditions and choose their clubs wisely before taking their shots. Each golf course boasts its own unique terrain, and the type of grass that grows in these courses impacts how the ball moves. Consequently, golfers must become familiar with the conditions of each course and make informed club selections.

The region’s golf courses feature an array of grass types, with some growing low and tight while others present rougher land. The most common grass species found in these courses is Bermuda-grass which tolerates high heat well but may not be suitable for colder months. Similarly, many courses use Poa Annua as a secondary grass type that necessitates regular trimming to maintain short height and create a firm surface in greens.

Aside from understanding grass types, choosing the right club is crucial when playing golf in Napa Valley. Golfers should focus on the distance and precision factor while selecting their clubs. To counteract wind resistance on longer shots or uneven surfaces, players can opt for hybrid clubs instead of fairway woods or long irons. Additionally, wedges enable better control over chips, helping to optimize loft without producing backspin.

Ultimately, recognizing and adjusting one’s game based on unique course factors such as terrain slopes and various greens’ types will enhance the golfing experience in Napa Valley.

Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville

Nestled in Yountville, the Vintner’s Golf Club promises a picturesque experience for golfers of all skill levels. From the fully stocked pro shop to PGA and Senior PGA Pro Bob Boldt’s lessons, players can expect top-notch facilities and expert guidance. The breathtaking views of the Napa Valley from the course make for a truly unforgettable round of golf.

Spectacular Scenery and Fully Stocked Pro Shop

Napa Valley’s Vintner’s Golf Club provides an unforgettable experience with its spectacular scenery, encompassing stunning views of mountain ranges, vineyards, and oak trees. Moreover, this golf club features a fully stocked pro shop catering to all golfing needs, offering standard and specialized club sets and accessories for both men and women players.

Besides its breathtaking vistas, Vintner’s Golf Club is also equipped with cutting-edge technology for swing analysis and video recording on both driving ranges and fairways. Golfers looking to enhance their gameplay can seek Bob Boldt, both a PGA and Senior PGA Pro, for comprehensive lessons on various aspects of golf.

The clubhouse at Vintner’s Golf Club extends all-day meals, from breakfast to dinner, providing indoor or alfresco options to golfers. Visitors can browse the Vintner’s pro shop for unique merchandise branded with Old Faithful Geyser of California. The shop features shirts, hats, balls, and other golf-related items displaying both experiences commemorated together with unbeatable rates.

Overall, Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville is a remarkable facility that offers not only an exceptional range of equipment and services but also gives golfers an experience they will treasure for years to come. With Bob Boldt’s lessons, players can expect to swing like a pro, or at least a little less like Happy Gilmore.

PGA and Senior PGA Pro Bob Boldt’s Lessons

PGA and Senior PGA Professional Bob Boldt provides golf lessons in Napa Valley for enthusiasts of all skill levels. With years of experience, he offers exceptional teaching techniques that cater to both beginners and professionals. The lessons aim to enhance skills while ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Boldt conducts his lessons at the Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville, offering a range of packages for individuals or groups. One-on-one sessions are available for personalized attention, while group classes facilitate social learning.

Boldt’s lessons accommodate regular attendees and vacationers alike. Regardless of skill level and age, the Golf Pro has a tailored package to suit everyone’s preferences.

The lessons focus on multiple aspects of golfing, including long-distance drives, accurate putting techniques, diverse terrain management, course management strategies, and fitness regimes relevant to golf swings. Boldt’s acute instruction style helps participants become competent golfers who showcase elegance and precision on the greens amid Napa Valley’s serenity.

For a true golf and wine experience, visit the Silverado Resort and Spa, where vacation living comes together with golf and wine in Napa Valley.

Silverado Resort and Spa – Golf, Wine, and Vacation Living in Napa Valley

Silverado Resort and Spa exudes luxury and offers the perfect triad of golf, wine, and vacation living in Napa Valley.

Discover the grandeur of the property’s size, exceptional accommodation, and extensive expertise in hosting professional golf tournaments. Explore the limited access to two golf courses within the resort, available exclusively for resort guests and members.

The Property’s Size, Accommodation, and Professional Golf Tournaments

The Silverado Resort and Spa is a top destination in Napa Valley for golf enthusiasts, thanks to its unique features like the property’s size, luxurious accommodation options, and professional golf tournaments. The resort spans over 1,200 acres of sprawling gardens, vintage vineyards, and picturesque landscapes. Guests can choose from 390 guest rooms that offer modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

But the real draw of the Silverado Resort and Spa is its two professional golf courses, including the North Course and South Course, which have gained acclaim for their scenic beauty and challenging playability. The North course has even been fully renovated by Johnny Miller Golf Design in collaboration with PGA legend Johnny Miller.

The resort has also hosted several professional tournaments, including the Safeway Open on the PGA Tour every year and the Pure Insurance Championship. Guests can enjoy watching top golfers, or even participate in a tournament themselves.

But the Silverado Resort and Spa isn’t just about golf. It offers easy access to Napa Valley’s local attractions, and guests can indulge in Michelin-starred restaurants nearby, offering farm-fresh cuisine. With the resort’s hospitable staff members’ assistance, the Silverado Resort and Spa offers a truly world-class luxury travel experience.

Access to Two Golf Courses in the Property Limited for Resort Guests and Members

At Silverado Resort and Spa, resort guests and members are granted exclusive access to the property’s two award-winning golf courses. These courses have hosted notable professional tournaments, such as the Safeway Open on the PGA Tour and the UL International Crown on the LPGA Tour.

The North Course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., offers challenging fairways with stunning views of hills, vines, and lakes. Meanwhile, the South Course, designed by Johnny Miller, features a traditional layout with narrow fairways and elevation changes, requiring precision shots. Both courses offer unique experiences for golf enthusiasts to test their skills.

Even though resort guests have guaranteed access to the championship courses, advance booking for tee times may be necessary during peak seasons due to popular demand. Members, however, have priority booking privileges and find it easier to secure reservations.

Apart from golfing, Silverado Resort and Spa offers luxurious accommodations to cater to relaxation and golf enthusiasts alike in Napa Valley. The full-service spa features treatments tailored to golfers, while the fine dining restaurants with farm-to-table menus, fitness centers, multiple pools (including lap pools for workouts or leisure), and tennis courts provide exclusive amenities to visitors.

For a perfect pairing of fresh produce and tee time, Napa Valley’s farm-to-table cuisine takes a swing at complementing golf outings.

Napa Valley’s Farm-Fresh Cuisine Complements Golf Outings

Napa Valley’s golf courses offer more than just a day on the green. The region’s farm-fresh cuisine provides a delectable complement to a day of golf. Indulge in locally sourced ingredients and restaurants offering world-class dishes.

Pair your golf outing with a culinary adventure through the valley’s flourishing vineyards and olive groves. The bountiful produce of the area creates an unparalleled farm-to-table experience. Savor exquisite meals paired perfectly with Napa Valley’s renowned wine selection.

Discover the exceptional food and wine pairing while soaking in the breathtaking views of the valley’s golf courses. Napa Valley’s farm-fresh cuisine elevates a typical day on the fairway to an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your golf outing, look no further than Napa Valley’s farm-fresh cuisine.

Safety Protocols Ensuring the Best Possible Experience in Napa Valley

If you’re planning a visit to Napa Valley, you can rest assured that safety measures have been implemented to ensure you have an enjoyable stay. Mandatory guidelines, such as wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, and maintaining good hygiene, must be followed by all guests. Public spaces like restaurants, golf courses, and pool areas are frequently sanitized, and hand sanitizing stations are easily accessible.

For a truly extraordinary and safe experience in Napa Valley, every golf course has implemented strict protocols to limit contact with guests while maintaining the appropriate social distance. Touchless pay systems have been installed, and rakes and ball washers removed. Golf carts are disinfected before and after each use, while practice facilities are designed with distance in mind to avoid close contact with fellow golfers.

In addition, each golf course is designed to limit guest interaction as much as possible. Golfers are encouraged to bring their equipment and limit the number of people in their groups. Restrooms are frequently cleaned, and individual sanitizing wipes are provided to help guests feel safe and secure during their visit.

During COVID-19, the Napa Valley Golf Club adapted to new safety protocols to ensure guests’ safety. Temperature checks are conducted before players enter the club, and the entire team wears masks. The golf carts are sanitized and disinfected before and after each use, and tee times are limited to two players per group to practice proper social distancing. The team takes the utmost care to ensure their guests can relax and enjoy their game in a safe and secure environment.

So, come and experience Napa Valley and all it has to offer, with the confidence of knowing that safety protocols are in place to ensure the best possible experience for you.

Five Facts About Napa Valley Golf:

  • ✅ Napa Valley offers a range of options for golf enthusiasts, including golf clubs, resorts, and tournaments. (Source:
  • ✅ Some Napa Valley golf courses have unique designs and landscapes, including ponds, waterfalls, hilly terrain, flowers, and vineyards. (Source:
  • ✅ Tee times should be reserved at least a couple weeks in advance and websites should be checked for specific information on fees and course layouts. (Source:
  • ✅ The Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa Valley has hosted professional golf tournaments since the 1960s, including the Safeway Open/Fortinet Championship since 2014. (Source:
  • ✅ Lessons can be taken from PGA and Senior PGA Pro Bob Boldt at the Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville. (Source:

FAQs about Napa Valley Golf Guide

What makes Napa Valley golf unique?

Napa Valley golf combines the best of both worlds: championship golf courses and world-class wine. The courses offer unique designs and landscapes, such as ponds, waterfalls, hilly terrain, flowers, and vineyards. The grass is also softer in Napa Valley, which may require adjustments in club selection and putting.

What is the Silverado Resort and Spa?

The Silverado Resort and Spa is a resort and spa located in Napa, California. It covers 1,200 acres and has 340 condo-style suites. The resort offers golf, wine, and vacation living in Napa Valley. It has hosted professional golf tournaments since the 1960s and hosts Safeway Open/Fortinet Championship since 2014. Only resort guests and members can access the two golf courses on the property.

What are some Napa Valley restaurants that offer farm-fresh cuisine?

Napa Valley restaurants invite delight taste buds with their farm-fresh cuisine, ranging from casual food trucks to Michelin-star fare. Some popular restaurants include French Laundry, Bouchon Bistro, Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch, and Gott’s Roadside.

What are some things to do in Napa Valley besides golfing?

Visitors can expect unforgettable meals to complement world-class wines. Napa Valley also offers a range of activities, such as wine tours and tastings, hot-air balloon rides, hiking, and spa treatments at luxury resorts like Calistoga Ranch.

Where can golf enthusiasts looking to get into the swing of things golf in Napa Valley?

Napa Valley has both public and private golf courses that are popular among locals and tourists. Some popular courses include Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville, Chardonnay Golf Club in American Canyon, and Eagle Vines Vineyards and Golf Club in Napa.

What safety protocols are in place for golfing in Napa Valley?

Currently, safety protocols are in place to ensure the best possible experience during the pandemic. Visitors should check with individual golf clubs and resorts to learn more about their specific safety measures. Tee times and training sessions are available for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced players.

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