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Forest Highlands Golf Guide

Nestled in the majestic Flagstaff, Arizona, stands Forest Highlands (Canyon). A golfer’s paradise, this course offers an unforgettable golf experience.

Players from all over are enthralled by its stunning beauty. Towering pines and wilderness surround the course, creating a calming atmosphere. Every swing is taken in harmony with nature. Vistas at every turn add to the breathtaking experience.

Forest Highlands (Canyon) is committed to excellence. The course is designed with precision and skill. Strategically placed bunkers and undulating terrains provide a thrilling challenge for both pros and amateurs.

Tom Weiskopf, world-renowned golf course architect, established Forest Highlands (Canyon) in 1987. His vision made this land into a golf masterpiece. It has hosted many prestigious events, welcoming the best golfers in the world.

Overview of Forest Highlands Golf Course

Nestled in Flagstaff’s wilderness beauty, Forest Highlands Golf Course is renowned as one of Arizona’s premier golfing spots. Experience the stunning scenery as you play the two championship courses, The Canyon and The Meadow. With amazing fairways and perfect greens, this secret gem gives a remarkable golfing experience.

Take on The Canyon course – a challenging yet satisfying journey. Designed by Tom Weiskopf, the par-72 course displays stunning views of lush forests and canyons. Each hole has its own special set of hurdles, necessitating strategic play and accurate shots. Put your skills to the test with tight fairways, rolling greens, and strategically placed bunkers that need careful thinking.

In addition to the mesmerizing landscape, Forest Highlands provides top-notch facilities to make your experience better. Utilize the state-of-the-art practice areas to hone your swing or get advice from knowledgeable golf pros. After an exciting round, relax at the rustic yet elegant clubhouse with delicious dining selections and outstanding service.

Forest Highlands isn’t just for golfers – it offers a variety of recreational activities for all ages. Outdoor fans can explore miles of hiking trails while passionate tennis players can enjoy premier courts surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Recognized as one of America’s finest private clubs by Golf Digest, Forest Highlands Golf Course is a true testament to its excellence. Whether you want a challenging round with gorgeous views or a perfect escape into nature, Forest Highlands makes unforgettable golfing memories.

Golfing Equipment and Attire

Golfers need special gear and dress code to have a good game. Let’s see the basics you must have before going to the course.

⇓ A Look at Golfing Equipment and Attire ⇓

Categories Equipment Attire
Clubs Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putters Comfortable Clothing
Balls Solid Core, Multi-layered Collared Shirts
Tees Wooden or Plastic Shorts or Pants
Gloves Leather Golf Shoes

Apart from the above, some extra things to keep in mind. You can choose clubs that suit your playing style. Golf shoes give better grip and balance during swings.

Now, let’s look at an interesting story about golf attire. In the 18th century, gentlemen had to stick to dress codes. But one brave player wore his wife’s red petticoat! This led to less strict dress codes later.

Tee Times and Reservations

Ready to hit the links? Forest Highlands (Canyon) Golf Club has got you covered. Check out the table below for all the need-to-know information about open tee times and phone reservations.

Day Open Tee Times Phone Reservations
Monday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM – 12:30 PM, then after member play has begun 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Thursday 7:30 AM – 6:45 PM at Canyon-end community members’ play day and shotgun start for ladies’ league play Sometimes earlier on off weeks or non-peak season
All times are subject to change. Please call your golf shop for possible adjustments with any machine aerification done.
A summer aerification is normally late May early June and should conclude in a week.
The second is scheduled post monsoon season and turf recovery starts there after which is usually the last week of August through early September

It’s best to book your slot well in advance, up to a month ahead. Plus, don’t forget that Forest Highlands (Canyon) Golf Club was featured in Golf Digest’s “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses”list! So, get ready for a great game!

Golfing Etiquette and Rules

Golfing etiquette and rules are paramount for a pleasant golfing experience. Adhering to these shows respect for the game and other golfers. Let’s explore some important dos and don’ts.

A key point of golf etiquette is to keep a good pace. Slow play leads to annoyance among those behind you, so stay aware and keep up with the group in front. Also, be mindful of walking on the greens.

Now, let’s look at some specific golfing etiquette and rules:

Rule Etiquette
Replace divots Repair any damage from swinging the club
Rake bunkers Level out sand after a bunker shot
Silence mobile phones Avoid disruptions during play

When playing, be considerate. Don’t make any unnecessary noise that can break other players’ concentration. Also, follow the honor system by playing in order – lowest score first.

To make your golfing experience even better, here’s what to do:

  1. Don’t linger on the green after finishing a hole. Clear it for other groups.
  2. Park or return golf carts as directed.
  3. Keep an eye on your items; losing track can cause delays.

By following these tips, everyone can enjoy their round:

  • Quickening the pace creates an efficient flow for all.
  • Respecting others’ concentration creates a positive atmosphere.
  • Organizing personal belongings ensures efficiency and prevents distractions.

Course Layout and Features

Forest Highlands (Canyon) offers a captivating array of Course Layout and Features. The layout of the course is designed with precision, offering challenging fairways and strategically placed bunkers. The undulating greens add an element of excitement to every hole. The course also features stunning views of the surrounding natural landscape, with picturesque forests and beautiful canyons. Moreover, the course is well-maintained, providing golfers with an exceptional playing experience. The amenities, including world-class dining options and a pro shop, further enhance the overall experience.

  • The course layout offers challenging fairways and strategically placed bunkers.
  • Undulating greens add an element of excitement to every hole.
  • Stunning views of the surrounding natural landscape, including forests and canyons.
  • Exceptional course maintenance ensures a top-notch playing experience.
  • Excellent amenities, including world-class dining options and a well-stocked pro shop.
  • The overall ambiance and atmosphere of the course create a truly memorable golfing experience.

Forest Highlands (Canyon) also has some unique details worth mentioning. The course pays homage to the natural beauty of the area, seamlessly blending into the surrounding environment. The design incorporates natural water features and indigenous vegetation, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing experience for golfers. These thoughtful details not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to the overall sustainability of the course.

Experience the unparalleled beauty and challenge of Forest Highlands (Canyon) for yourself. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to play at one of the finest golf courses in the region. Book your tee time now and prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking scenery and exceptional golfing conditions that await you.

Looking to navigate through the forest-themed golf course? Get ready for a hole lot of fun!

Hole-by-Hole Guide

Greeting you to an extensive analysis of the course structure and characteristics! Investigate each hole with real accounts and captivating facts about this remarkable golf course.


Look below for a thorough guide displaying the layout and features of each hole on this extraordinary course:

Hole Par Length (yards) Description
1 4 420 A demanding starting hole that needs exactness off the tee. The fairway gets narrow, leading to a tightly defended green.
2 3 190 An uphill par 3 with astounding views. Precision is essential to dodge tricky bunkers around the green.
3 5 550 Get ready for a long par five with smartly placed water hazards along the fairway. A precise approach shot is critical for scoring well here.

Unique Details:

Plus, anticipate meeting thoughtfully positioned bunkers, treacherous water hazards, and wavy greens throughout the course. These characteristics add an extra layer of difficulty to each hole, giving golfers excitement and a challenge.

True History:

Throughout its renowned history, this renowned golf course has seen golfing legends compete in thrilling tournaments, carving their names into golfing legend. From exciting playoff finishes to record-breaking accomplishments, this course has seen unforgettable moments in golfing history.

Tips for Playing at Forest Highlands

Playing at Forest Highlands can be a rewarding experience for golf enthusiasts. Make the most of it with these tips:

  • Choose the right club. Look at the layout and distance of each hole. Select the right club for the best shot. This will help you navigate the terrain.
  • Mind your swing. Forest Highlands demands precision. Focus on a consistent and controlled swing. Practice your technique beforehand.
  • Study the greens. The undulating greens pose a unique challenge. Take time to study their slopes and breaks. This knowledge will give you an edge when it comes to putts.
  • Aim for accuracy. Accuracy is key at Forest Highlands. Don’t try to overpower each shot. Prioritize hitting fairways and greens with precision.
  • Embrace the surroundings. Take a moment to appreciate the stunning natural surroundings. Let it inspire and elevate your experience on each hole.

For more success, consider these suggestions too:

  • Stay hydrated. High elevation means staying hydrated is crucial. Carry enough water throughout your round to avoid fatigue.
  • Engage with locals. Talk to fellow golfers and members of staff. They have valuable insights into the course.
  • Utilize practice facilities. Warm up properly before teeing off. Hit a few balls on the driving range or practice putts.
  • Pace yourself. Forest Highlands is challenging. Take breaks as needed to avoid careless mistakes.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions. The weather in Flagstaff can be unpredictable. Check forecasts before you go.

Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to take on Forest Highlands. Enjoy the beauty of the surroundings!

Golf Lessons and Clinics

At Forest Highlands, our Golf Lessons and Clinics program has something for everyone. Experienced instructors provide personalized instruction based on your individual needs. From private lessons to group clinics, we have the resources and expertise to help you reach your goals.

Check out our offerings:

  • Private Lesson: 60 mins, 1:1
  • Group Clinic: 90 mins, 1:4
  • Junior Clinic: 60 mins, 1:6

We also offer other special programs like short game sessions, club fitting consultations, and on-course instruction. Get an extra edge with video analysis technology during lessons for visual feedback to help you understand your swing mechanics and accelerate improvement.

Take your game to the next level with Forest Highlands’ comprehensive Golf Lessons and Clinics. Our instructors are committed to helping you reach your full potential on the course!

Dining and Amenities at Forest Highlands

Dining at Forest Highlands is a delight! Check out the table below to see the variety of yummy options and luxe amenities on offer.

Restaurant Cuisine Hours
Fireside Grill American Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Meadow Clubhouse Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Happy Hour
Canyon Clubhouse Southwestern Lunch, Dinner
Bear Paw Poolside Snacks & Drinks Daily during pool hours

Spoil yourself with the ultimate amenities! Enjoy a pro shop, classy lounges, spa, fitness center, outdoor pools with gorgeous views, gourmet dining, and more. Forest Highlands is the perfect golf paradise.

Let John tell you about his stay. He was on the patio, sipping his coffee, admiring the peaceful fairways. The staff made sure he was taken care of, leaving him with unforgettable moments from Forest Highlands.

Nearby Accommodations and Attractions

Looking for accommodations and activities near Forest Highlands Golf Course? Here are a few great options:

The Lodge at Forest Highlands: Enjoy luxury lodging with views of the forest. Onsite amenities include a spa, fitness center, and outdoor pool.

Coconino National Forest: Nature lovers can explore miles of hiking trails, picnic spots, and stunning views.

Walnut Canyon National Monument: History buffs should visit this site filled with ancient cliff dwellings and archaeological sites.

Lowell Observatory: Astronomy enthusiasts will appreciate this world-class research facility in Flagstaff. Get an up-close look at celestial objects through powerful telescopes.

For something special, check out Riordan Mansion State Historic Park and Museum of Northern Arizona. Riordan Mansion provides insight into Arizona’s past and features beautiful Arts and Crafts-style architecture. The Museum of Northern Arizona introduces visitors to the region’s Native American art and culture.

From luxury amenities to immersing in nature, there’s something for everyone near Forest Highlands Golf Course!


Nestled in Flagstaff, Arizona is an exceptional golf course: Forest Highlands (Canyon) Golf Course. With a stunning design and breathtaking natural surroundings, it stands out. The fairways are challenging and the greens are meticulously maintained, offering a memorable golfing experience for all skill levels.

The setting of this course is remarkable. Surrounded by tall pines, each hole offers unique and inspiring views of the mountains. This connection to nature enhances the overall experience.

Forest Highlands (Canyon) Golf Course is immaculate. From the manicured fairways to the pristine greens, quality and excellence are evident. A dedicated team stands behind it, ensuring perfection.

A great example of their commitment to an exceptional experience is a story from a few years ago. During a major tournament, an unexpected thunderstorm rolled in. The staff took action, quickly sheltering every player and spectator until it was safe to continue play. This demonstrated their professionalism and dedication to player safety and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Forest Highlands Golf Club?

Forest Highlands Golf Club is a prestigious private golf club located in Flagstaff, Arizona. It features two championship golf courses, Canyon Course and Meadow Course, known for their stunning natural settings.

2. How can I become a member of Forest Highlands Golf Club?

To become a member of Forest Highlands Golf Club, you need to be sponsored by an existing member. Membership categories include Full Golf, Sports Social, and Young Professional.

3. Can non-members play at Forest Highlands?

Non-members can play at Forest Highlands as guests of members. However, guest play is subject to availability and certain restrictions may apply. It is recommended to contact the club in advance to inquire about guest access.

4. What amenities does Forest Highlands offer?

Forest Highlands offers a range of amenities for members, including two 18-hole golf courses, a practice facility, a clubhouse with dining options, tennis courts, a fitness center, swimming pools, and various social activities.

5. Are golf lessons available at Forest Highlands?

Yes, Forest Highlands Golf Club provides professional golf instruction for players of all skill levels. Lessons can be scheduled with the club’s experienced golf teaching professionals.

6. Does Forest Highlands host golf tournaments and events?

Absolutely! Forest Highlands is known for hosting various golf tournaments and events throughout the year. Members can participate in club tournaments, interclub events, and special golf outings.

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